My Friend Jim

by Jake Thro

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Songs I wrote between 2005-2007. Recorded with Jim Fab in his attic studio in December 2007. Performed live except for the cymbal overdub in "Same coffee."


released December 30, 2007

All songs by Jake Thro.
Jake played acoustic guitar, banjo, cymbal, and sang.
Jim played electric guitar, and engineered the recording.
Mixed by Jim.
Mastered by Jake.
Copyright 2007.



all rights reserved


Jake Thro

My first EP from 2007 is available here, as well as demos and currently homeless songs that are slowly working their way towards becoming a cohesive album. Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Quick way back
Once upon a lonely time
I fell in love with a broken rhyme
that left me here with mud on my shoe
But that was then, and you are now
There's nothing left for me, somehow
I'm trying to clean the dirt off and start new
To lead me to the quick way back to you

Even without rain and without snow
I'm stuck here any way you go
So I figured I'd just wait around for you
And it's okay if what you say
is nothing like the dreams I've played
unconsciously a thousand times in my head

'Cause the rain will soon stop falling
And the air's no longer clear
And baby, I just want to be with you

Dirty clouds in a dirty sky
with nothing but dirty alibis
I'm tired of watching dirt on the news
If you said it once, please say it again
I wasn't paying attention
My mind was full of dirt, I missed the clues
To lead me to the quick way back to you

Love is bad and love is good
I've loved you all the ways I could
Now all that's left is a love that must be true
Sorry eyes and sorry songs
can't make right what I might have made wrong
but maybe they can help us understand

'Cause the rain will soon stop falling
And the air's no longer clear
And baby I just want to be with you
Track Name: Blues at the door
She left me a message saying
"Call me back, I got some things to say"
There ain't no use in calling
She ain't gonna say what I wanna hear, anyway

When there's no one you can turn to
you just turn and face the wall
It ain't much to look at
but neither is anything else I ever saw

I ain't got no pride
I cried for you once or twice before
But now I have to wonder
if you're really even worth crying for

I've played love song at your window
and left the blues at your door
But I don't get out much these days
I don't even know what love is anymore
Track Name: Dark sunglasses
If I was a talking parrot
would my words sound cold?
If Bugs Bunny had fourteen carrots
would he be as good as gold?
If my baby wore dark sunglasses
could I still see through to her soul?
If she was afraid of being lonely
would I be there to walk her home?

If I had the chance to be rich and famous
would I throw this all away?
If I decided to become a dentist
would you still trust the things I say?
If I was afraid of losing you forever
would you still leave me alone?
Don't be scared of being lonely
I'm always here to walk you home

I'm not falling down on my knees now
I'm not hanging on the phone
Baby, all I know is that somehow
I just need you to walk me home
Track Name: Same coffee
I used to be afraid today of what would come tomorrow
Now I'm afraid of yesterday, trying to run from all my sorrow
I got good shoes on the wrong feet
Somebody set me straight

Had a lot of pain since you've been gone
Had a lot of ups and downs and outs
Had to make a mess just to keep me going
and not go completely crazy
Had a good look at all the clowns
they really weren't all that funny

Please be gentle with my heart
you know that it breaks so easy
Pack it up with that foamy stuff
in a box that's marked "fragile"
Your address across my chest
no postage necessary

Showbiz freaks and hippy geeks never learned to take the subway
Evacuate the second floor
Do it wrong or do it my way
Had a good laugh at my expense but honey I'm going solo

Welcome to the Monkey House where we keep our politicians
We let them out three times a day
next door they do their business
When they're away don't be afraid
we've got security systems

Some drink whiskey, some drink wine
but which one is the phony?
Getting drunk on stupid lies you feel so holy moly
Got a new hat on top my head
I feel like Holden Caulfield

How did you ever train the sheep?
They follow you around like humans
Suicide on a gypsy ride and nobody plays like Django
I became a heartthrob overnight
still drinking the same old coffee

I was once a pawn upon a time but I learned to use my fingers
Untied my hands from all the lies
and you still let them linger
But I got no hope in the west coast
no magic microphonies
Track Name: Lost in translation
In this gutted old schoolhouse
I could use a little help
I don't know what I'm thinking
but I'm thinking it right now
It's been too long since I've worried
about someone as good as you
But you're leaving tomorrow
and I wish that I could too

Things were different here without you
I guess they're changing once again
I'll be stuck here in this darkroom
daydreaming about Japan
Do you cry when you're lonely?
Will I cry over you?
'Cause you're leaving this place empty
and there's nothing I can do

I could take you out for coffee
and for awhile we could pretend
that we had a long history
and a future without an end
'Cause these encounters leave me feeling
like we might have had a chance
if you weren't leaving me worthy of the way I see you now