demos & miscellaneous

by Jake Thro



released March 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Jake Thro

My first EP from 2007 is available here, as well as demos and currently homeless songs that are slowly working their way towards becoming a cohesive album. Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Picket Line [demo]
I got a broken spine, twisted
I got a broken mind
Underneath your thumb, shifted
I got a broken spine

You got me bundled up, tied up
You got me throwing up
You got me muddled up, shut up
You got me in a cup

Every time you start shaking
I'm on the other side
Every time your heart's breaking
I'm in your picket line

You got me seeing stars, flutter
I'm picking at my scars
I'm speeding in a car, shudder
I'm underneath the bar

I'm chewing out my tongue, swallow
I'm breathing through your lungs
I'm in the barrel of your gun, hollow
Shooting holes in the sun

Every time you start shaking
I'm on the other side
Every time your heart's breaking
I'm in your pickt line
Track Name: The Trapeze Girl
I once fell in love with the trapeze girl
when the circus came to town
I tried to steal her away from there
but her feet would not touch the ground
She said, "I belong on the high wire, dear
there's no other life that I know"
I knew it, from then, that I never would seen her again
and my heart never would let go
Track Name: Talk About It [demo]
Like a monkey in the city zoo
Lost incentive
Making faces so they'll give me food
Saving face so I can sing for you

I've done my time, but still somehow
I feel uptight, I feel strung out
And you don't even want to talk about it
I've read my lines, now I'm taking my bow

Fake the changes of a worn out tune
Take a number, any number
Fake the changing of the seasons, too
Form a circle turning back on you
Track Name: Trojan Horse [demo]
I fell short of this
You think I'm wrong
Superstitious faith and nothing more
Trojan Horses in your words
Your love is hate
Empty threats of fire beneath our feet

Wasting my time

Reasonable men and proven fact
Universal truth
You don't listen
All your wrapping paper hides a Trojan Horse
Take it back before you look a fool

Wasting my time
Track Name: All Down [demo]
I have made a mistake
An icing shell without a cake
Scared myself with disbelief
Side effects but no relief
Down to me, down to me

Stick a needle in your eye
or you will set your pants on fire
I am rubber you are glue
I bounce off everything but you
And I stick, and I'm stuck

Let it all down

Hiding deep inside my brain
Illogical but not insane
So I'll stick to this old plot
of our scripted dry facade
Going numb, going numb

Let it all down
Track Name: Underwater [demo]
Hold my breath
Daily intake
Made a hole
Made a mistake

If I fall
If I stumble
Hold me down
Hold me under

Close enough to be imperfect
You can't bring me down
Broken sound, now means nothing
You can't bring me down
Track Name: Multiverse [demo]
The marks that were left behind
The black holes inside my mind
Have vanished, could not survive
The changes keep me alive

The atoms that did collide
And brought you before my eyes
And froze us in space and time
Have broken the laws of science

I could be an animal
Living in the city zoo
And you there, lost in the crowd
I'd still feel like I do now

A multiverse
Versions infinite of me and you
And still I'm sure
That in each one I'm in love with you

Track Name: Plotless [demo]
Never fade away
This time, never fade away from me
Old seeds that will never grow
Cold seas that will never flow
through the aging walls that cover me
and the fading hours that bother me

Never be too late
It can never be too late for me
You can always change your mind
I can never fall behind
in the grand parade of our worst mistakes
In the sand you played with my heartaches

Coming back to me
It's all coming back to me again:
Bad days of the thoughtless times
Mad maze of the plot-less lines
that you read to me when I was alone
when I bled to feed your broken bones
Track Name: Perfect Holiday
Perfect holiday, for people who don't need love
But I think I'll stay, 'cause I need your love
But if you cannot stay, you can take my heart
I don't need it if I don't have you
I don't need it if I don't have you

If you cannot stay, you shouldn't come around at all
'Cause when I see your face, I feel I'm not lost anymore
And I could trace a thousand perfect chords around your face
I could sing a perfect song
If I had your breath inside my lungs

I don't need my hands

And so it is this way, and you'll be back tomorrow
On a perfect holiday for people lost in sorrow
And you'll be there again, and I will beg and borrow
For a chance to find another way
Stranded on a perfect holiday
Stranded on this perfect holiday

For a fool
Without you